The Zimbabwe Papers is a publication that seeks to provide a clear path to reform for the nation of Zimbabwe. It was commissioned by experts from across Africa and is co-sponsored by nine of the continent’s leading think-tanks.  The Zimbabwe Papers applies the principles of market economics and provides comprehensive policy recommendation that would return Zimbabwe to its place as the “Bread basket of Africa.”

Commissioners of The Zimbabwe Papers:

Thompson Ayodele, Initiative for Public Policy Analysis, Nigeria

Franklin Cudjoe, IMANI: The Center for Policy & Education, Ghana

Leon Louwn, Law Review Project, South Africa

Rejoice Ngwenya, Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions, Zimbabwe

Temba Nolutshungu, The Free Market Foundation, South Africa

Murray Sanderson, Zambia Institute for Public Policy Analysis, Zambia

Alexander Sekou Sangare, Institute for African Economics, Guinea

Mahamadou Sinte, Le Centre des Affaires Humaines, Burkina Faso

Obianwa Ekenedilichukwu, Centre for Ethics and Technological Development, Nigeria


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